Protection for all

Establish Bill of Rights for all individuals and protect women and children worldwide.

Say No to Veto

Elimination of veto power in the United Nations Security Council.

Reduce costs

Our government costs are too high. Our taxes are too high. Both must come down.

Personal Privacy

We do not condone any government agency blanketing anyone and everyone they can with secret surveillance without a court order before the spying operation begins, and only if the court order is directed at a specific target.

Higher Interconnectivity

We aim to achieve a higher functioning democracy by enlisting the active participation of the Masses. Free and fast internet helps us achieve greater interconnectivity.

We are one People One planet.

The essence of the beautiful is unity in variety. In this modern age there is a need for a unified stand by mankind. The New Independent International Party (NIPI) was founded on this basis and mission, to unite the world.